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Peat sauna

Peat sauna sensitizes you to sense the feeling of moment , lightening the mind and body , while softening the skin and preparing your sleep to be deeper.

According to studies by Aino Klinikka, the peat treatment sauna also alleviates menopausal problems such as sweating, sleep disorders, depressed mood, reluctance and low energy. Traditionally, it is claimed that peat helps with a hundred ailments. The velvety softness of the skin after peat sauna and the lightness of the body is a familiar feeling for all saunagoers.

Peat sauna is a powerful treatment, only recommended to healthy people. It is suitable as a treatment once or twice a month also to those suffering from insomnia or pains. For a more intensive impact, one could have a bath on three consecutive days.

It is social treatment event that also aims to increase the feeling of happiness.

The whole body peat mask makes your skin soft and firm. It gives your skin a healthy look and makes it less itchy and tight. Peat mask is very refreshing experience. For athletes, the Peat -sauna experience helps boost recovery.

Peat sauna makes your metabolism more active, it effects to muscle pain and arthralgia and also to rheumatoid arthritis. It’s a help to different kinds of skin symptoms, eczema and acne. It also makes allergies easier to handle and remove hormonal cellulite. After peat sauna your skin is soft and lovely and you feel nicely relaxed.

Make sure you Reserve enough time to relax in sauna, as rush takes away the relaxing effect.

Peat sauna

Before going to sauna it’s not necessary to wet the skin but if you want to have peat also in your head it’s better to wet the hair, the make-up is good to wash off before the treatment.

  • First apply the peat all over your body except around your eyes and lips.
  • Leave the peat on your skin for 20 minutes in a humid mild heat of sauna
    (about 60 degrees).
  • It’s important to make sure that the peat doesn’t dry on your skin as the peat effects only when it’s wet. You can massage your skin while being in sauna.
  • During the treatment is necessary to drink a lot of water as the treatment removes liquid of your body.


Peat sauna is not recommended for pregnant women or people with heart and vascular disease.

Benefits of Peat sauna

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